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Medical Emergencies: How can people with medical emergencies benefit from this service?

Medical Emergencies Ever found yourself having to call around or run home because you could not recall some important medical information that you or a loved one required at the Emergency Room?

Wished there was a way of capturing important info like:

Medical EmergenciesDoctors, physicians or specialist telephone number
Medical EmergenciesAllergies
Medical EmergenciesWhat you or your loved ones are allergic to
Medical EmergenciesPrescriptions
  Medical EmergenciesPharmacy’s telephone number
Medical EmergenciesMedical insurance carriers account number
Medical EmergenciesInsurance carriers telephone number
Medical EmergenciesAnd much more...

Wish you had some way of getting to your medical information when it mattered most?

Many people like you have asked the same question. Why in this advanced culture, is there no service like this available? It would make life so much easier.

Are you one of these people?

Well, we provide a service for such emergencies. GatorDocs Medical Emergency Service was created should such a medical emergency arise.

Being prepared is GatorDocs' philosophy, and like many of our other services, we think it is important to have peace of mind in this area.

We allow you to capture information medical information such as: your medications, doctor's name and telephone number, allergies you might have, what medications you might be allergic to, names and numbers of previous hospitals you might have been admitted to, insurance provider details, etc.

GatorDocs went even one step further. We allow you to assign your next-of-kin access to your account, and we provide you with a GD-SOS Emergency Contact Card printed with your next-of-kin’s contact details. They can then have access to your information, by clicking on the 24 Hour Emergency Login button found on the top right hand corner above.

Be prepared. Sign up for by clicking the link below or the sign-up button above.

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