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Dateline Brandon, Florida, October 30, 2006: The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters have raised awareness among individuals and business owners alike, intent on protecting their important papers and providing a reliable access to them around the clock!

Two local businessmen, created GATORDOCS.COM - an ultra-secure website that stores vital information about family, home and business.

Think about all the important information that we use each day to manage our families' lives. Medical information, Insurance information, Bank records, Credit cards, and Home inventory data are just some examples of how data dependant we have become. What if you lost this information? How would you reconstruct it? With a subscription to GATORDOCS.COM – those worries are no longer present!

Having access to vital information in a time of need!

Many survivors of Hurricane Katrina spoke about having stored important papers and valuables in safety deposit boxes which were sitting ten feet under water and inaccessible. GATORDOCS.COM, a user-friendly web service, allows individuals to enter information such as Credit card toll-free numbers in case their wallet is stolen or lost; warranty information of home appliances and electronics; even the warranty on a new roof. You can also upload copies of important documents such as children's fingerprints, or copies of home insurance "Declaration Page". There are sections to input auto, medical, travel, financial, insurance information, and there is even a place for the family pet, details such as shot records, veterinarian name and number, dog tag information, etc.

With modules set up like drawers of a filing cabinet, it is easy to enter and retrieve information quickly in a time of need. Sections for medical information such as, but not limited to: prescriptions, doctors’ names and phone numbers, are indispensable in an emergency and are detailed by family member, to include fingerprints and photographs of children. This unique setup allows you to find the pertinent information in case of an emergency without delay. Once information is entered, a user-friendly interface allows additions or updated changes to be made quickly and easily. From bank and credit card records, to the minutest details of home inventory and video, the information remains categorized and accessible from any internet access point in the world 24 x 7, with the ability to easily print out any or all information as needed.

The introductory price is a mere $5.95 per month, a well worth price for the peace of mind this service offers. is a secure online service created by which started as a web design and web hosting company catering to business owners and non-profit organizations.

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