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At College

Away from home for the first time? In a fender bender, or even worse, a medical emergency pops up? Youíre miles away from home and need quick access to your vehicle or medical information?

Let be your connection to that information. GD-SOS (GatorDocs Secure Online Service) is a *free service that is accessible 24/7 from any computer that has internet access. You can access your insurance information, including agent contact details, policy number, down to VIN number, medical information, home information, pet insurance information and much more.

Furthermore, you get issued a *GD-SOS Emergency Card with your next of kinís contact details. Let GD-SOS speak for you when you are unable to.

The service is free*, so why not sign up for a GatorDocs account today?!

*A once-off handling fee of $10 is charged for the GD-SOS Emergency Card. All other services are free of charge.

GatorDocs Ė Secure Online Service at your fingertips.

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