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Natural Disaster: How Can GatorDocs Help Me in a Natural Disaster?

You have heard from many experts on 'How to be Ready' in case of a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster, and we advocate that you can never be overly prepared in case one strikes.

Natural Disaster But! Having followed their advice precisely, you are still left standing with nothing when a devastating hurricane such as Katrina hits you. All your personal belongings have been washed away. You've lost your documents, credit cards, insurance papers, medical prescriptions, and driver's license.

You have made copies of all important documents, but they are stored in a safety deposit box at your bank which is under ten feet of water, or buried by a mudslide, inaccessible for weeks, months, or maybe never.

Imagine an online service accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world, where you can gain access to the personal information that you so desperately need to get your life back on track?

Well here it is!

GatorDocs - Secure Online Service (GD-SOS), is a service like no other. A place to store and gain access to your personal information 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world; a service to help you get your life back on track when everything around you is collapsing.

A service that allows you to personalize, serialize, photograph, and capture invoice images of all electronics, appliances, furniture, and paintings of each individual room etc., electronically and available, at the touch of a button.

GatorDocs is so detailed that we even allow you to take pictures of rooms, keep track of paint manufacturers, paint suppliers, color codes, and paint names in each individual room, as well as details for carpets, tiles, etc. No more searching when you need to touch up the paint or replace that broken tile.

A service that allows you to capture important medical information, like allergies, prescriptions, doctor's name and telephone number, things you are allergic to, that can be there at your or your loved ones' fingertips when and if an emergency arises.

A life-line that can speak for you when you are physically unable to.

A service that at the click of a mouse and a few keystrokes, allows you to recall the information necessary to place an insurance claim, no matter the emergency, be it burglary, fender bender, medical emergency, natural disaster, fire, theft, etc. It is as simple as going to and clicking the 24 hour Emergency Button.

GatorDocs Secure Online Service at your fingertips.

You know there is no price to pay for peace of mind, so go ahead and:

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