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Insurance Claim: How Can GatorDocs Help Me with an Insurance Claim

  • Your roof is leaking and you've just lost the contractor's number?
  • You are on vacation out-of-state and you are taken to the local Emergency Room, unconscious and the doctors can't get hold of your next-of-kin in order to make death-or-life decisions?
  • You are in a foreign country and your passport and credit cards have been stolen?
  • You are involved in a fender bender in a different city and want to file an insurance claim but don't have all the details available?
If you’ve ever been or are likely to find yourself in any of the abovementioned situations (or more), you need GatorDocs – Secure Online Service.

This is why!

GatorDocs created an easy 24 Hour Emergency Login button which is found in the top right hand corner of the GatorDocs site, which allows you to display in an instant the information your require for that specific emergency..

We tried to put together a comprehensive list of emergencies that you could come across. Emergencies such as:
Insurance Claim  Burglary
Insurance Claim  Credit Card Theft
Insurance Claim  Fire
Insurance Claim  Medical Emergency
  Insurance Claim  Natural Disaster
Insurance Claim  Vehicle Accident
Insurance Claim  Lost or Stolen Travel Documents

In an instant you can recall all the information you require to file an insurance claim or even a police report.

We went one step further. Should a medical emergency arise, we have provided a way to give a caretaker or next-of-kin, their own personal password which you assign to them should you be incapacitated and require medical attention, which could provide vital to your survival should you be hospitalized in such a situation.

Provide peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones by signing up for GatorDocs – Secure Online Service.

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